Pink Mod Monkey Birthday Cakes!

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I am so excited to get to share my latest cake with you today.  It's a Pink Mod Monkey cake for a first birthday for some very close friends.  Their little girl just turned one and her mom was using this for her theme.  I can't wait to have kids of my own so, someday, I can plan birthday parties like this! What fun!!!

We decided on a sheet cake to serve the guests and a small "smash" cake for Peyton.  I was so happy with how they both turned out, especially since I had never heard of the Mod Pod Monkey! Shhh....don't tell! I'm sure someday I'll know all the "in" characters, but until then, I leave it up to the parents to tell me what the heck all these fun creatures are!!!

So, here are the cakes!

This is the "smash" cake for Peyton to dive into at her party.  I can't wait to see pictures of her little face!

 And here is the sheet cake for the rest of the guests.  Pink and green never looked so cute!
And both cakes together! I think she's going to have a great 1st birthday!!!! 

Thanks Darren and Valerie!!!
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Apples and Bees Themed Bridal Shower!!!

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This happens to be one of the cutest themes for a bridal shower I've ever heard of! The bride and groom met while working at Applebee's, so the mother-in-law-to-be decided to host an "apples and bees" themed shower! It makes me smile each time I think of creative! :) 

After chatting for a while over the cookies, we decided to go with just apples for the favors.  (We talked about adding a bee to each cookie, but decided against that.)  And I think they turned out just perfect, even with no bee!
These apple cookies make the perfect party favor for a bridal shower or teacher gift, whichever suits your fancy. :)
I wish I had taken photos of all the apples packaged up, but it was late at night and not very good lighting for a decent photo.
Thanks Dorinda for the order! Glad to hear the shower was a success!!!
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