Apples and Bees Themed Bridal Shower!!!

Diposting oleh Madam Cook on Selasa, 13 Desember 2016

This happens to be one of the cutest themes for a bridal shower I've ever heard of! The bride and groom met while working at Applebee's, so the mother-in-law-to-be decided to host an "apples and bees" themed shower! It makes me smile each time I think of creative! :) 

After chatting for a while over the cookies, we decided to go with just apples for the favors.  (We talked about adding a bee to each cookie, but decided against that.)  And I think they turned out just perfect, even with no bee!
These apple cookies make the perfect party favor for a bridal shower or teacher gift, whichever suits your fancy. :)
I wish I had taken photos of all the apples packaged up, but it was late at night and not very good lighting for a decent photo.
Thanks Dorinda for the order! Glad to hear the shower was a success!!!

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